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We're a passionate and hard-working team that makes amazing software for amazing companies

And we try to have some fun along the way because... well, why wouldn't we?

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Our Story

Since the dawn of time, or at least the dawn of enterprise software, ERP has been an essential part of running any company. But ERP sucks. And while it touches the lives of millions, it wasn’t getting any better.

So, after 30 years in the business, we knew it was time for change. That’s why we went back to the drawing board to build a system from the ground up. We made a list of all the things that people hate about bad ERP and designed a solution to address them.

From there, ParagonERP was born.

Our Mission

We don’t think that powerful tools need to be hard to operate. So, we are a software company that aspires to make awesome enterprise tools that are a pleasure to use. We want our users to love our products because those products make their daily lives better in a real way. We never want to be satisfied with the status quo. And we use the word “we” so much because without our team, everything else would be meaningless.

Product management module
Product management module

Who we do this for

Up until a few years ago, ERPs were almost exclusively reserved for large companies. While this helped these big companies get bigger, it excluded the smaller players who couldn't afford these powerful systems.

As a small company ourselves, that didn't sit well with us.

We dreamed of a solution that would work for every type of business, at every level of affordability. We didn't just want to help smaller players stay competitive, we wanted to help them grow. We wanted to level the playing field and stand up for those who had been forgotten - no matter their size or what they sold.

So, we decided to make a change and go against the industry status quo. While we were at it, we took everything that companies hated about their ERP systems and worked on fixing those too. The result is ParagonERP - a flexible solution that powers businesses by managing complexity. 

The better way to run your business