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Streamline your finances

For many businesses accounting and financial reporting is a painstaking, time-consuming process. Different conventions, manual data entry and multiple spreadsheets can get in the way of achieving financial visibility.

This makes it impossible to move operations forward and can even stop your business in its tracks. Companies need numbers they can trust. Paragon’s accounting features do more than just manage money, they give you the insights you need to make profitable decisions for your business.

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Gain full insight into your accounts

Optimize financial planning

Improve all aspects of financial planning from daily operations to yearly expenditures. Gain insights into operational costs to find your best margins. Track performance by region and product to improve profitability.

Customize your accounting needs

Flexible software lets you set rules and limits that meet your unique needs. Easily create and apply promotional offers, commission, incentives and more. Handle currency and unit of measurement conversion in your accounting system to enhance reports and decision making.

Budget production

Budget your production with manufacturing costing and multi-step bill of material accounting. Track inventory value changes across supply chains. Get insight into personal and outsourced manufacturing costs with comprehensive data on raw material yields. 

Automate data entry

Reduce common accounting mistakes with automated processes. Live financial reporting makes tracking sales and purchases painless. Revenue, discount and tax entries are created automatically with every transaction.

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Does Paragon integrate with QuickBooks? 

Yes, Paragon’s QuickBooks Online integration lets your accountant use the tools they are familiar with while benefiting from automation, live updates, and other software features. 

How do I set up my taxes?

Taxes are set up by creating a drop down attribute and adding all your tax codes. Add each tax code and its corresponding rate and region. Paragon will automatically calculate taxes based on a transaction's shipping address.  

How extensive is the accounting module?

Paragon can handle different levels of accounting needs from small business, to manufacturing, to enterprise. 

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