Handle price fluctuations and see estimated and actual costs
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Fine-tune operational costs

Understanding your company’s financials shouldn’t be a guessing game but keeping track of all your expenditures, fees, and invoices is complicated. Calculating operational costs in disconnected systems can be frustrating and requires balancing invoices, spreadsheets, and complicated formulas to get a true understanding of your expenditures.

It’s time to say goodbye to time-consuming and disastrous DIY calculations, Paragon has the tools you need to cost with accuracy.

Up to date and reliable costing information

Calculate estimated and actual costs

Create estimated costs and have them automatically updated as you get more insight into transportation prices, vendor fees, and other bills. Actual costs are automatically pushed to financials and accounts payable so that you can keep an eye on your money.

Calculate transport costs

Oversee freight, duty, insurance, and brokerage fees and calculate them into your product and operational cost. Get an accurate and detailed report of profit per shipment and insights into shipping changes.

Gain visibility over manufacturing

Manufacturing data lets you see labor, tools, and materials purchased versus used, and reflects this as product costs. Push changes in manufacturing expenses directly to inventory so that your products are always priced correctly.

Get live dynamic costing

Ensure your costs are always current and accurate down to the line level. See how your costs are changing over time. Understand why they change with comprehensive reports on vendors, inventory, orders, transportation, and more.


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Does Paragon integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes, Paragon’s QuickBooks Online integration lets your accountant use the tools they are already familiar with while benefiting from automation, live updates, and other software features.

Can I see how costs change over time?

Our reporting functionality allows you to gain insight into all of your historic data and use it to make better decisions moving forward. 

Is costing connected to accounting?

Yes! Changes within costing can be automatically pushed to your accounting module.

Does Paragon connect to shipping carriers?

Paragon has multiple shipping options and integrations. Select the best option for you according to your workflow.

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