ParagonERP offers more features and functionality than any other system on the market

Inventory management

Paragon tracks your inventory with live costing for FIFO/LIFO methodologies across multiple warehouse locations as finished goods ready for sale, a component ready for the factory floor, or a semi-finished sub-assembly. Enjoy a comprehensive toolset including mobile tools for barcode scan picking and deep rules-based inventory movement automation.

Order management

Gain full visibility over your quote-to-cash process. Take advantage of a customizable, flexible and adaptable workflow for all of your company’s sales operations.Get set up on all your platforms in no time with multichannel order management and full integration to e-commerce marketpl

Supply chain logistics

Get insight into the various inputs linked to your supply chain, including comprehensive inventory tracking for end-to-end traceability, reporting tools to calculate and ensure cost-effective operations, and inbound logistics.


Oversee real-time reports that provide insights into all your business operations and present your data in whatever way best suits you with filterable pivot tables.


Planning production and inventory receipts, managing capacity, and scheduling work visits just got much easier. Create invoices from these events to charge the customer for your time and the materials you may have used.

Returns management

Easily issue return merchandise authorizations to your customers, generate credits or refunds, and receive and handle the return inventory as needed.

Product management

Describe and categorize products with unlimited fields of information. Create custom Bill of Materials and product variants on the fly to generate performance reports for each product category. Easily update your products, generate SKUs, and sync your product catalogs across e-commerce platforms.


Seamlessly create work orders so you can manufacture and assemble finished goods. Take the data from your manufacturing process and translate it into your accounting and inventory operations to keep tabs on everything from costs, to labor, to machinery.


Paragon will use your real historical costs per product to automatically calculate a dynamic inventory value and estimate upcoming costs, which are then replaced with actuals when the bills arrive.


Create purchase orders (POs) to order specific quantities of materials for manufacturing or distribution. Keep an eye on the purchasing process from PO to payment, with fully integrated accounting for accounts payable.


Paragon boasts an enterprise-grade accounting module with live, up-to-the-minute margin calculators, automated workflows, infinite layers of nested GL accounts, inventory costing and automated inventory valuation.

Pick, pack, ship

Get orders out the door using scanning tools to recognize barcodes or RFID tags, issue packing slips and streamline your shipment processes.

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