Inventory management

Control and track your products from purchasing to sale so you always have the right stock at the right time in the right location
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Stockouts, warehouse discrepancies, and unclear data are more than just time-wasters. Mismanaged inventory can destroy your profitability.

Having too much inventory, incorrect price points, or missing products don’t have to be your reality when running a business. These are all problems that can be solved with Paragon’s intuitive inventory management. 

Optimize your time and efficiency

Live cost your inventory

Always know your product’s worth with inventory valuation live costing. Automatically calculate unit average costs and have the value updated based on what products are going in and out. 

Make better, smarter decisions

Get insights into the what, why, and when of your data. Advanced business intelligence will help you understand inventory trends to optimize your operations and workflows. Make better future inventory orders and customize reports. 

Gain visibility

Organize inventory based on whatever specifications are best for your business. Locate items in your system or warehouse quickly with centralized data and comprehensive search tools. 

Manage multiple warehouses

Track all your inventory across multiple warehouses using SKUs, barcode scanning, and live updates. Locate inventory and see its movement through the workflow, and between warehouse locations. 


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Can I set reorder points?

You can choose to be notified when stock falls below a specified level, or you can have automatic reorder points set up. 

Does Paragon have barcode scanning?

Our Bluetooth mobile scanning app is available for picking goods for shipment. You can use the scanner to assign and complete pick tickets, and see item counts by location. 

How does Paragon track serial numbers?

Paragon offers lot number tracking to help you track and trace products back to suppliers, through distributors, or to customers by lot or batch.

Can I automate inventory transfers between warehouses?

Paragon allows you to install a rule that will automatically do stock movements/adjustments across physical and virtual warehouses. 

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