From raw materials to finished products, track costs and labor throughout your manufacturing process

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There is no denying that manufacturing can be a complicated and downright frustrating process at times. Poorly planned and executed production can leave you with wasted materials, unfulfilled orders, and even lead to recalls.

You don’t have to sacrifice your sanity to make a great product -  Paragon has manufacturing software that hits the nail on the head.

Manufacture and assemble finished goods

Plan production

Optimize your manufacturing business with tools that let you schedule and forecast future order needs. Manage make-to-order and make-to-stock requirements, and plan work order and fulfillment deadlines. 

Track materials

Always have the right supplies on hand. Track raw materials by multiple units of measurements and access live quantity levels. See what you use, how much you use, and the cost.

Trace materials

Improve the quality and safety of your product. Trace raw materials as they are developed into final products with automatic tracking and data storage. 

Customize your bill of materials

Keep production costs accurate with a fully customizable BOM that lets you add and change materials, tools, and labor specifications. Search and filter BOM components by the parameters that are best for your business. 


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Can I calculate work orders?

You can use a custom BOM to calculate costs and assign work orders. A material pick list can be created directly from the work order to speed up production. 

Can I charge for labor?

Labor can be configured as a component in your bill of materials and incorporated into the item price. Any change in the BOM will update the product cost. 

Is there a multilevel BOM?

Yes! Paragon’s customizable BOM feature lets you see sub-assemblies and have nested BOMs. 

Can Paragon handle lot tracking?

Paragon’s adaptable lot tracking functionality allows you to assign lot numbers to products. Rest assured that you will always be able to tie products back to their original lot number, even after they are delivered to customers. 

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