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Your products are selling! But now you need more... Procurement seems simple but unreliable vendors, fluctuating lead times, and high shipping costs all lie ahead. Without the proper tools this means hours of extra work and the risk of stockouts.

Paragon automates procurement functions so you can calculate costs, lead times, and actual prices all while ensuring you always have enough product to sell.

Keep products moving

See vendor performance

A customizable vendor list lets you choose your favorite sellers and create purchase orders for them inside Paragon. The list also centralizes vendor information and lets you access contact information, currency, and lead times quickly.

Receive products in multiple locations

Multi-destination delivery lets you send goods to any warehouse while still receiving bills at your head office. Unlimited locations within warehouses will let you track products as they are received, inspected, and sorted.

Calculate actual cost

Always know the true cost of inventory with comprehensive tools that incorporate shipping costs, import fees, and more into the price. The inventory history report lets you see price changes over time and optimize the procurement process. 

Automatically update inventory

Your inventory is automatically updated as your purchase orders are submitted, partially received, and completed. See a detailed list of the goods as they come into your warehouse and move through quality assurance and out onto the floor.


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Can I set vendor credit limits?

Set your vendor credit limits and get live updates on how much credit you have with each vendor. You’ll always be able to see what payments are due and what payments you can expect to receive.

Can I calculate lead times?

Lead times are recorded and stored inside of Paragon. Vendor history lists allow you to compare lead times and make the best decisions for future purchases.

How does Paragon track serial numbers?

Paragon offers lot number tracking to help you track and trace products back to suppliers, through distributors, or to customers by lot or batch.

Is procurement connected to inventory management?

Yes, once products are received and pass inspections they become part of your existing inventory management process, no need for extra entry. 

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