Product management

Customize the way you describe and organize products to easily make large and small scale adjustments
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Organize and customize product data

Your products are the core of your business. Nothing is more important than ensuring their quality, safety and organization - but doing that is hard! Multiple SKUs, a lack of data structure, and unexpected material changes can create  extra work and disrupt product flow. Take control back with Paragon’s product management functionality.

Product management module

Optimize every step of your product lifecycle

Unlimited product attributes

Gain flexibility and control with unlimited product attributes that allow you to describe, sort and track your products in the most relevant and efficient way

React to change quickly

Adjust price and product descriptions based on changes in the BOM or material prices. Make bulk or individual changes that will quickly be reflected across channels. 

Easily make bulk edits

Quickly make bulk changes to product prices, descriptions and more in one easy step. All of your most valuable product data is stored in one place that is easy to search and access.

Single SKU management

Paragon lets you use one piece of identification to link all of your data. This eliminates the need to juggle multiple SKUs when selling through different channels and updating accounts and inventory constantly.

Product management warehouse


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Can I create unique barcode labels for each SKU?

Yes. It’s easy to create barcodes that can be scanned and stored with Paragon.

What unit of measurement does Paragon use?

Paragon supports both imperial and metric systems. You can even set up unit of measurement conversion for automatic calculations.

Can I receive items to one traceable location?

You can create attributes for products that will let you track products by almost any parameter.

Can I see how many product units are part of a production batch?

Absolutely. This is crucial for traceability purposes and can be done easily inside of Paragon.

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