Use real-time data to make better decisions for your business with customizable reports.
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Turn data into action

Getting access to the right data at the right time is crucial. Running your business without access to reliable and accurate data is like walking around a room blindfolded.  

That’s why Paragon goes above and beyond: you’ll be able to oversee real-time reports that provide actionable insights into all your business operations.

Gain insight and make decisions

Analyze data

Make informed decisions with easy-to-access reports. Use historical data and current trends to understand your sales, identify inefficiencies, and optimize your inventory.

Improve operational efficiency

Generate comprehensive reports quickly and easily with filterable and pivotable information. Breakdown inefficiencies, understand where your sales are coming from and always have the right product mix in the right place.

Customize reports

Eliminate the need for pesky spreadsheets with customizable reports that allow you present data in a way that best suits your business needs. Save your custom report criteria and make it into a chart or graph so data can be shared internally or externally.

Centralize information

Centralize ad hoc processes as new units and orders are entered and shipped. Use detailed reports to identify profitable products, know the status of orders and shipments and remain financially compliant.


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Can I calculate lead times?

Yes, by creating an attribute on a purchase order you can see the time it took between placing the order and receiving the goods.

Can I forecast/calculate profitability?

Absolutely, Paragon lets you see profitability in a number of ways. You can calculate profitability based on each order, see your most/least profitable products, and where you spend the most money.

Can I set automatic reorder points?

Yes! You can set automatic reorder points by creating an attribute. It’s easy to see when you will need to reorder with inventory lists in reporting.

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