Supply chain management

Manage market fluctuations and simplify international operations
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Streamline your supply chain

When you source, manufacture, and sell on a large scale, it can feel impossible to link all of the complex systems that make up your business. Things only get more complicated when factoring in things like the duties and taxes associated with running a business internationally.

It’s easy to feel lost in your workflow and overwhelmed by disconnected operations. Supply chain management doesn’t have to be this complicated. Paragon brings all pieces of the puzzle together.

See the operational big picture

Operate internationally

Transfer prices within your company so you can manufacture, source, and sell in different countries. Easily calculate duty fees, taxes, and freight requirements so there are no surprises at the border.

Handle dropshipping

Source goods and place orders from your favorite manufactures inside Paragon. Flexible dropshipping features let you track orders as they are fulfilled by manufacturers or handle your own fulfillment.

Track costs

Automatically calculate the costs associated with transporting and storing products. Gain insights into which suppliers offer the best value and see how their prices change based on season, volume, and more.

Source with ease

Source materials and products from global vendors without losing control. You’ll be able to manage vendor lead time and performance and use this data for forecasting and requirement planning. You can also access customs forms and other documents directly inside Paragon.


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What currency and unit of measurement does Paragon use?

Paragon is totally equipped with everything you need to operate internationally and this includes multiple currencies and units of measurements.

Does Paragon have live dynamic costing?

Paragon’s supply chain feature comes with comprehensive and intuitive live dynamic costing capabilities.

Can I calculate vendor lead times?

Yes, our reporting feature will let you calculate vendor lead times and track performance over time.

Can I calculate taxes?

Our accounting feature allows you to easily add taxes and calculate taxes. Once the appropriate tax codes are set up in your system, Paragon will automatically calculate taxes based on a transaction's shipping address.

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