Identify, track and trace your products as they move through your supply chain
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Stay in control of products

Recalls, faulty products, and unaccounted items are a frustrating reality of business. Traceability is the key to dealing with product issues but trying to keep track of products across decentralized and disorganized systems is a disaster waiting to happen.

Paragon’s centralized product data and intuitive traceability functionality let you mitigate complications, identify problems and find solutions.

Track batches, materials, and products

Trace within warehouse

Batch codes and lot tracking let you see live updates as products move across your warehouse. Know when you have received a shipment, its QA status, and what products that separate materials are tied to.

Custom search and store data

Handle custom work orders and unique production needs with data that is easy to locate. Automatically generate batch codes and barcodes so that all of your unique products are easily identifiable.

Trace finished products

Stay ahead of the complications with batch tracking that traces products back to customers. Stored data allows you to see similarities in damaged and returned goods so you can eliminate faulty products and issue recalls.

Have multiple locations

Unlimited locations let you create places for returned, repaired, and damaged goods. Quickly locate items across multiple warehouses and know that compromised products are never mixed with sellable inventory.


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Does Paragon have serial number tracking?

Paragon lets you take batch tracking a step further with serial number tracking. Every serial number can be automatically created as its own location. 

Does Paragon have barcode scanning?

Yes, create barcodes for every product in Paragon and scan them with the mobile app so they can be easily tracked and located.

How does Paragon track serial numbers?

Paragon offers lot number tracking to help you track and trace products back to suppliers, through distributors, or to customers by lot or batch.

Can Paragon handle expiry dates?

 Yes, Paragon picks products from the oldest expiry date so that no product is wasted.

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