Warehouse management

Stay in control of your products across warehouses with live inventory and tracking updates
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Boost productivity across warehouses

Nothing is more important than ensuring the safety and quality of your products, but when you store and ship across multiple warehouses things can get out of hand.

This can leave you feeling helpless when items are damaged, and frustrated when valuable products are lost. Take back the power with Paragon's comprehensive warehouse management features.

In-depth inbound logistics

Organize multiple warehouses

Track products and materials as they move through production and across warehouses. Scannable SKUs, UPCs, and item codes keep you organized and up to date.

Maintain quality

You’ll be able to watch as products you purchased move through inventory counts and quality control so you can verify their condition. Synchronization with order and inventory management ensures products are properly stored and shipped.

Pick, pack, ship logistics

Mobile picking and packing with the scanning app improves productivity on the ground. Paragon's cloud-based system lets you access the information you need, where and when you need it. 

Optimize stock

Shipping and inventory integrations give you real-time updates as products come and go from your warehouses. Always know the location and condition of inventory within your warehouse.  


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Can returns be processed?

You can easily create warehouse locations so that returned items will always be received and tracked in your system.  

Can I have multiple warehouses?

Paragon allows you to have multiple warehouses and receive live updates on stock levels.

Can I track perishable items?

Paragon tracks lot numbers and expiry dates to keep perishable items from spoiling, saving you from wasted resources and a disrupted workflow.

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