Improve the speed and cost of shipping with Paragon and 2Ship shipping integration. Choose from over 350 shipping carriers, get cross-border support and competitive shipping rates.
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Centralize your data across the platforms you are already using

Control all aspects of shipping
Choose from multiple shipping companies, including FedEx, UPS, DHL and more and pick the service that best matches your budget and business needs
Eliminate unnecessary paperwork
The connection between Paragon and 2Ship means minimal data entry. Paragon sends shipping information to 2Ship. 2Ship automatically generates tracking numbers and shipping labels accessible inside Paragon.
Customizable options
Get flexible shipping options designed to fit any workflow and business size. Send branded emails and create unique tracking packages.
Access global solutions
Freight analysis, cross border services, and same day couriers available for users worldwide. Gain full visibility into each and every shipment with real-time tracking.

The better way to run your business