Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Paragon’s custom-built Adobe Commerce integration lets you use one centralized system to manage multiple sales channels.
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Centralize your data across the platforms you are already using

Multiple store fronts
Import your entire catalog from Adobe Commerce into Paragon so that you can easily manage stock from multiple stores in a single place.
Real-time reporting
Adobe Commerce data will be automatically uploaded into Paragon and used to generate live BI reports. These reports can be used to better understand and improve your business.
FInancial control
When you connect Adobe Commerce to Paragon, valuable data like revenue, sales, and costs will be automatically pushed to accounting modules.
Inventory management
Always have the right inventory on hand with live syncing across sales channels. Know how much product can be sold and when to order more.
Automated data connection
Save time and avoid mistakes with data that is synced across platforms. Information about orders and products from Adobe Commerce will automatically be entered into Paragon.
Order management
When orders are received in Adobe Commerce, the details will be automatically pushed to Paragon. The information can be used by customers to track orders and create shipping labels.

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