A custom-built Salesforce integration that lets you manage customers and grow your business.
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Centralize your data across the platforms you are already using

Get a better understanding of customer behavior when you integrate Paragon with Salesforce. Generate reports using real-time BI data so you always understand trends and make the best choices for your business's future.
Problem resolution
Respond to inquiries quickly and improve customer experience. Customer data like orders and history are consolidated and ready to be used when you need it.
Keep your data live and on the cloud. Connecting cloud-based platforms means your data can be accessed from anywhere and is continuously updated in real-time.
Customer orders and information entered by salespeople will sync across platforms. Give salespeople an advantage with easy access to trend reports and individual customer history.
Invoicing and payments
Never miss a payment. Create accurate invoices and make payments quickly when you integrate Paragon and Salesforce.
Employee performance
Improve productivity with integrated systems and reliable data. Easy to understand reports and accessible information gives employees the ability to solve problems independently.

The better way to run your business