Take your Shopify business to the next level with backend inventory functionality that makes managing your Shopify store a breeze.
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Centralize your data across the platforms you are already using

Inventory management
With integrated automatic processes for order, inventory, and customer data management, Shopify will always display up-to-date available stock.
Order fulfillment
Order and shipment details created in Paragon are pushed to Shopify so the customer can track their order. Paragon also connects to shipping carriers to retrieve tracking numbers and shipping rates.
Live product catalog syncing
When products are added or changed in Shopify, Paragon is updated to reflect your latest product selection.
Real-time reporting
Gain visibility into what's really going on with real-time reports that transform your Shopify data into actionable insights.
Accounting connectivity
Track all your revenue and expenses including sales invoices, purchasing costs, and inventory values. Moreover, you can automatically push all your financials to accounting tools, such as QuickBooks Online.

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