Become a ParagonERP Partner

Why partner with us?

We’re a passionate team of designers, developers, and innovators that are changing how people think about and use enterprise software. We want you to be part of this journey, so let’s talk about how we can grow together.

We offer two unique partner programs.

Which one suits you best?

Become a service partner

As a service partner, you’ll work closely with our team to make you an expert at selling and servicing the software. Customers will come to you to help with implementations, integrations, customizations, training, data migration, and general support.

The benefits

  • A new tool to offer customers
  • Free training from our experts
  • Access to sales and marketing tools
  • Competitive revenue sharing
  • 100% revenue of after-sale support

Become an alliance partner

Whether you’re a business consultant or selling a complementary product, we’re open to all kinds of partnerships, from referring customers to engaging in co-marketing opportunities.

The benefits

  • Brand exposure to a new customer base
  • Co-marketing opportunities to strengthen SEO
  • Knowledge sharing based on our expertise
  • Earn recurring monthly revenue

Partner Program FAQ

It costs you absolutely nothing to join ParagonERP’s partner program. Once you sign our service partner agreement, we provide you with free training and resources to give you a holistic understanding of the software, including how to sell, service and use it.

As a service partner, you will work closely with our team of experts to become successful at selling, implementing, and servicing the software. We will teach you how to talk about ParagonERP and how to deliver demos. We will provide training to show you how to implement ParagonERP, including how to use our Universal Translator and write basic rules to build custom workflows.

You’ll have access to presentations, demo scripts, FAQs, and fact sheets to ensure you are well versed in the software. We also provide you with branded marketing materials to share with your clients to promote the software, such as e-brochures and Paragon press kits.

ParagonERP caters to many types of business models, enabling you access to a larger customer pool that you may not have been able to access before. With the flexibility to adjust to a customer’s specific business model, provide a variable pricing model, and use the connections to Shopify and Amazon, you are able to reach a whole new customer segment.

As a service partner, you are also qualified to resell ParagonERP to your clients. If a client buys ParagonERP as a result of your efforts, we provide a revenue share with you for the lifetime of the customer. You also keep 100% of the revenue from any after-sale support you provide to a customer, regardless of whether you closed the deal or we sent them to you.

You want the best for your clients. Whether you’re implementing or referring clients to ParagonERP, you can be confident that they will have a powerful, full-featured system that is intuitive, robust and affordable. As their business grows there is no need to switch to a new system, as Paragon will scale with it.

Our referral partners help drive interest in ParagonERP. Once we sign a referral agreement, you will earn monthly revenue for every prospective customer that you refer to for one year after they purchase ParagonERP.

We’re open to all kinds of co-marketing opportunities that are mutually beneficial to our customer bases. Some examples are blog exchanges, webinars and attending conferences and tradeshows. We’re open to other ideas too, so we would love to hear from you.