Introducing the newest addition to ParagonSMB: Shopify

February 2, 2021
Jon Ruby

A few weeks ago, I shared how proud I was of our new approach. We announced that we were  releasing a full-featured system distributed and priced like a small business app. ParagonERP, unlike any comparable system, has low and explicit pricing along with a free trial. We took it even further by connecting QuickBooks Online in such a way that the connection did most of the ParagonERP setup for you. Today, we are adding one more thing.

We are releasing a similar feature with our Shopify add-on. Shopify is a world leader when it comes to making eCommerce easier for small and medium-sized businesses. Shopify is well-established to be an entrepreneurial enabler. Now that ParagonERP is paired with Shopify,  entrepreneurs and small business owners can get a full-featured backend for their powerful Shopify frontend. We think it’s a great offering and we’re not at all biased because they are a fellow Canadian company.

Connecting Shopify with ParagonERP will automatically synchronize your product catalog, bring in your orders for fulfillment and manage your inventory. Like our last release, by connecting to Shopify, ParagonERP will use all of the available information to configure itself so you are ready to use it as your eCommerce backend immediately.

Another upside is that if you connect QuickBooks Online and Shopify to ParagonERP they will all coordinate automatically to work together. Your Shopify sales channel and your QuickBooks Online accounting will synchronize without any extra work or cost.

This is only the second step on our journey to make adapting to the new world less overwhelming for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Wait until you see what our next steps will be...

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