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  • One monthly subscription fee
  • No upfront costs
  • No long-term commitment


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  • One monthly subscription fee
  • No upfront costs
  • No long-term commitment

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Our pricing model is pretty simple. With our subscription-based monthly fee, you get the whole Paragon package, including all modules and updates. That’s it. There are no hidden upfront costs, conditions or surprises.

We don’t like to lock people into lengthy contracts, so when you buy a monthly subscription to Paragon, you are only committing to one month of fees at a time. You’ll be set up with a monthly subscription that will automatically renew if you want to keep using the system. If you choose the annual subscription model, you will save 10% but you will be committing to pay upfront for a year.

Paragon’s subscription model is based on named users, so every person at your company who logs into and works in the system would need a username. Once your Paragon system is set up, your company’s administrator can manage the user settings and add and remove users as needed.

Your Paragon system will be ready and set up within a few minutes. After that, it’s really up to you. It all depends on whether you want to get started using Paragon straight away or upload your data before you start running your business on Paragon. We’ve also made it so you can get to know your new system using dummy data first, then upload your data when you’re ready.

All of our help documentation can be accessed online and should help answer most of your basic questions. If you have a specific question, you can shoot us an email. Or, if you’d rather not have to deal with the setup yourself, we can connect you with one of our local partners who can offer implementation support.

You can add or remove users to your system at any time. Whenever you make a change to your number of users, the cost will be prorated based on the timing of your billing month. For volume pricing over 25 users per month, please contact us.

There are two ways to get your data into Paragon. You can enter it in manually, or you can use our data migration tool that lets you import your data using Excel templates that are generated from your configured system. It makes getting data into Paragon pretty easy.

In order to buy an integration, you need to have first purchased ParagonERP. Once you’re inside the system, and depending on your organization’s security settings, users with the required access can navigate to the “Settings” section, click on “Get More Add-ons” and simply select the integration(s) they wish to buy. Those who don’t have the required access won’t even see this add-on option, ensuring no disapproved or unanticipated monthly billing charges for the future.

As opposed to the other integrations available to buy within Paragon as “Add-ons”, ParagonERP for Amazon’s purchasing process is slightly different. This is because ParagonERP for Amazon is a standalone product, rather than a simple “add-on”. Simply navigate to to purchase the integration. If you are already a Paragon user and now require the connection to Amazon, please contact us for help.

You can terminate your Paragon subscription whenever you like. The cancellation will come into effect at the end of your billing month. So, in order to avoid being charged for the next month’s subscription fee, you will need to cancel your subscription before it renews for a subsequent month.

If you decide to cancel your Paragon subscription, you’ll need to use our data migration tool to get your data out of the system before your cancellation comes into effect.

Data is your business’ most important asset. That’s why we take security seriously. We have taken many measures to ensure that your data will always be there and be accurate. Your data will never be seen or accessible to any of our other customers, and vice versa. Only your authorized users have access to see your data. Finally, we’ve taken measures to ensure that your data is protected from breaches and viruses to the best of our ability. For more information on how we handle the security of your data, check out the full security policy.