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Streamline your manufacturing operations in one system.

Keep production costs accurate and ensure the quality of your products.
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Struggling to keep up with daily operations?
Paragon can take the pain away.

Is your current software creating more problems than products?

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Manufacturing is unpredictable.

Without a customizable BOM you can’t make adjustments to account for changes to tools, material, and labor used.

You don’t have the best materials on hand.

Without a clear view into production history, you may repeatedly have the wrong supplies or source from unreliable vendors.

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Customers are frustrated.

Poor lead time estimates and chaotic production schedules mean that products are sent out late, leading to frustration for you and your customers.

How ParagonERP can help your manufacturing business

Centralize your operations, increase productivity, and gain visibility to make better decisions.

Customizable BOMs mean more reliable costing

Calculate manufacturing costs into the final price of your products with a customizable BOM that can be updated during production.

Track materials to produce quality products

A reliable material pick system means you always have exactly what you need for production. Comprehensive tracking and reporting help to ensure quality standards.

Accurate lead times and scheduled production

Lead times based on your custom BOM and historical data help you get products sent out on time, resulting in happier customers and less work.

Don't just take our word for it

"We needed one system that controlled all our business needs. Our business is very complex but using Paragon is simple and easy. One of the things I really love about Paragon is the flexibility. We can use simple rules to automate or customize the way the system works."
Daniel, Athletic Knit
"Overall, it was a very pleasant experience, the Paragon staff were with us and supporting us every step of the way. We managed to integrate our financials, our logistics, inventory control, and customer/sales management all into one system."
Gaby, HB Connections
"Very user-friendly and comfortable to use. It is not too complicated... We can create as many attributes as we want which gives us the flexibility to enter as much data as possible...The support team is very professional and helpful."
Omnia, Capital Garment Co
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