ERP that makes customers happy

We want your customers to keep coming back. With ParagonERP, you ensure the best customer experience.

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Software that is what it should be

Wouldn't it be fantatic if you could customize your ERP for the ultimate customer experience? Fast service, nice appearance and informing customers at the right time?

You also work with happy colleagues because they can answer customer questions quickly and inventory management is a breeze.

This is not a dream - because it is possible with ParagonERP.

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Why ParagonERP ?


Increased revenue through improved customer experience

Customer experience is a crucial part of your company's success. With ParagonERP, you can effectively improve that experience.

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Software that adapts to your business

Customizable PDF templates, unlimited fields, configurable screens and powerful business rules.

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ERP that integrates into your existing ecosystem

ParagonERP pairs effortlessly with your current systems and the best software.

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Painless transition from windows system

Easily switch to ParagonERP with our conversion solutions for Windows systems.

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Our approach

No long design processes but a working system as soon as possible

Share back up file

We use your current system as a base. Share with us at least the items, customers, suppliers and general ledger structure.


Proof of Concept

We create a setup environment based on your data. This allows you to explore ParagonERP and see how it works with your specific processes and datasets.


Proofread as in real life

Grab a stack of actual orders, purchase orders, receipts, etc and process them in ParagonERP. Any questions you have will then be answered.


Refining and going live

Based on the experiences in the Proof of Concept, we make a plan. Then we make the adjustments as desired. On an agreed date, we transfer the last data from your old system one more time and go live with ParagonERP 🎉

This is what our customers say...

"ParagonERP's flexibility has allowed us to adapt our process and improved our internal efficiency."

Mani Bhadra BV
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Are you going for the best customer experience ?

You don't have to do it alone. We have a team of consultants who are happy to work with you to figure out how to improve the customer experience

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