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With ParagonERP, you get the tools you need to keep your inventory accurate, current and optimally managed.

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Clear and feature-rich

  • Real-time stock: Always have visibility of your stock, directly and indirectly available by item and location.
  • Stock valuation: Use different methods such as FIFO and LIFO in which the calculations are clearly traceable.
  • Location management : Manage and optimize storage locations in your warehouse for efficient storage and order picking.
  • Multi-warehouse management : Manage inventory across multiple warehouses or locations, including transfers between locations.
  • Reports and analytics: Generate comprehensive reports on inventory levels, movements, and trends for better insight and decision-making.
  • Cycle counting: Perform regular cycle counts to keep inventory levels accurate without requiring full inventories.
  • Cost allocation: Assign costs such as transportation to inventory items for accurate financial reporting and profit calculations.
About Headshot Example inventory locations hq
About Headshot Example inventory locations hq

Warehouses and locations

Manage your inventory across multiple warehouses and/or locations. ParagonERP provides a centralized view of all your inventory levels.

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Real-time inventory management

Always keep your inventory levels current with real-time updates. In ParagonERP, you can track exactly what portion of inventory is allocated, what is currently being picked, what portion is in shipment, etc.

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About Headshot Example Inventory history hq
About Headshot Example Inventory history hq
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