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Clear and feature-rich

  • Work orders: Generate, manage and track work orders to control and track each step of the assembly process.
  • Inventory Management: Keep track of raw and semi-finished materials inventory in real time to avoid production interruptions.
  • Cost Calculation: Accurately calculate assembly process costs, including material, labor and overhead costs.
  • Flexible workflow : Customize assembly workflows to meet the specific needs of your production process.
  • Reports and analysis: Generate detailed reports on production efficiency, material consumption and other key production statistics.
  • Customize parts lists: Customize standard parts lists on the work order for specific compositions.
  • Composition management: Manage recipes and parts lists for composite products to accurately track production.
About Headshot Example BOM product hq
About Headshot Example BOM product hq

Parts lists

In ParagonERP you can create parts lists with materials, resources and labor. The purchase cost of finished goods is automatically updated when the value of a part changes. This way you always have a good view on your margins.

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Work Orders

With work orders in ParagonERP you manage the entire assembly process efficiently and accurately. In the work order process, you can also modify the assemblies.

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About Headshot Example Workorder hq
About Headshot Example Workorder hq
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