Your procurement process runs smoothly

ParagonERP allows you to easily manage your entire procurement flow, including purchase orders, receipts and purchase invoices.

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Easy to use and feature-rich

  • Purchase orders: Includes automatically generated orders based on inventory levels.
  • Price agreements: Easily set price agreements for suppliers.
  • Supplier item codes: Enter item codes and print them on your purchase orders.
  • Batch and THT recording: Maintain accurate expiration dates and batch information of purchased products.
  • Reports and analytics: Generate detailed reports on purchasing activities, such as spend by supplier, purchasing trends, and delivery performance.
  • Order tracking : Track the status of purchase orders from order to delivery, including expected delivery times.
  • Link to sales: Turn a sales order directly into a purchase order.
About Headshot Example listview order
About Headshot Example listview order

Personal work list

In ParagonERP, you can customize what you want to see in the list view for each module. Here you can decide which columns you see, apply filters and save these layouts to easily switch views

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Automated flexible workflows.

Automate activities such as creating purchase orders based on minimum inventory, saving time and costs.

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About Headshot Example rules engine
About Headshot Example rules engine
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Discover procurement in ParagonERP

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