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Keeping your business organized and on schedule is difficult. When things don’t run smoothly, mistakes happen, like invoicing for incorrect time, over-estimating capacity limits, and planning overlapping manufacturing or shipping events.

These mistakes have an impact on customer satisfaction and waste your time and money. No more letting disorganization get in the way of your business goals, Paragon’s calendar feature lets you intuitively schedule your operations.

Track everything down to the minute

Plan ahead

Create events for manufacturing work orders and have them automatically added to the calendar so you can plan production. Manage schedules for your business and merge the calendar with procurement and order features so you can be sure products are being sent and received on time.

See history

Get a detailed history of all calendar events and transactions so that you can keep an eye on how many tasks you performed in a period of time and how long they took. Reports allow you to see fluctuations in how long tasks are taking to complete.

Create transactions

Transactions can be made for any type of work that needs to be completed and tracked. You can then use these transactions to create invoices. Transactions can be scheduled and organized so that events happen at the best time and in the optimal order.

Bill for time

Create time-based transactions so that you can get the most accurate information on production costs. Track task times down to the minute and apply them to invoices and time reports.


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How many events can I schedule in the calendar?

There is no limit to how many events you can create inside of Paragon’s calendar. You’ll be able to see events that are already scheduled and plan future scheduling around that or coordinate events happening at the same time.

Can I bill for time?

Definitely. You can bill for time down to the minute. Paragon lets you create invoices directly from events in the calendar, you can easily bill for both time and material used. 

How can I access the calendar?

Your calendar can be viewed directly inside Paragon and it is compatible with any portable device or smartphone so you can schedule and track time on the go.

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