Order management

Organize multichannel orders and sales with integrations to ecommerce marketplaces
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Manage your orders from one place

“New order” should be an exciting notification for a business owner to receive.

But without a solid order management system in place, it may mean countless hours of work double-checking customer information, sorting through shipping options, and validating product availability from across ecommerce platforms. Paragon can help - it's time to get your orders in order.

Unshipped orders

Automated order processing

Automate workflows

Take advantage of customizable, flexible and adaptable workflows for all of your order processing. Eliminate over-ordering and unwanted inventory recounts. Optimize your future orders to save time and money.  

Integrate your ecommerce

Adding Shopify and Adobe commerce to your order process gives you omnichannel management and synchronization across platforms. Get live order notifications, track order status, and give customers accurate, timely information on their orders.

Smooth the fulfillment process

Orders are automatically added to the system so that pick tickets and sales orders can be created quickly. See all outstanding pick tickets in one place and get orders moved to packing and shipping. 

Minimize friction points

Process product returns, returns to stock, and generate refunds or credit notes with simple to use software. Create RMA’s and track returned items as they are received and move through the warehouse. 


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Do you connect to shipping carriers?

Yes! Paragon integrates with 2Ship to let you compare rates and select services from over 300 carriers across the globe. They will also produce shipping documents and shipping labels for you. Some of our partners include Canada Post, FedEx and UPS.

Can I reserve stock using Paragon?

Reservations are sometimes necessary to set aside a specific amount of inventory to ensure you can fulfill back orders. Paragon makes it easy to reserve stock for future sales or for a specific sales channel.

Can I operate in multiple currencies?

Paragon works with any currency. Integrating your ecommerce channels allows you to handle international orders and have revenue automatically converted into your chosen currency. 

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