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Simplify your returns process to provide a better customer experience
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Optimize returns processing

Knowing your product didn’t meet consumer expectations can be frustrating and disheartening. It doesn’t help that the returns process can be incredibly complicated.

Keeping track of both the physical return and record of return on your own is hard. This can cause delays in issuing credits or refunds to customers and frustration. Handling returns doesn't have to be so complicated, Paragon has solutions to help.

Make return logistics hassle-free

See and store data

Easily find all the data necessary to make returns happen. See detailed reports of returns information and store your returns history so that it can be analyzed and made into reports.

Receive returns

Avoid mix ups by creating a specific area inside your warehouse designed to receive returns. Returns will go to an inspection or damaged goods area, not back into inventory.

Speed up processes

You don’t have to make new transactions in order to fulfill returns. Returns are integrated seamlessly with order management so you can easily create an RMA from the stored data associated with your order or invoice.

Improve customer experience

Customer refunds and credits are created automatically so you can quickly resolve issues with products.
A detailed return history will help you identify mistakes and faulty products so you can eliminate them.


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Can I handle Shopify returns?

Yes, Paragon lets you handle Shopify returns inside of Shopify.

How do I create an RMA?

You can easily create RMAs right off of sales orders.

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