Centralize your ecommerce storefronts, orders, and inventory in a way that makes sense.
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If you aren’t selling your products online, you’re late. But keeping track of orders, inventory, and customers from across platforms can sometimes feel overwhelming. Whether you’ve already made the move to selling online, or you are just starting out, the world of ecommerce has likely thrown unexpected challenges your way.

Managing and growing your ecommerce business doesn’t have to be a full-time job - Paragon has solutions.

A centralized hub for your ecommerce sales

Sync product catalogs

Have the right amount of products at the right time, in the right place.  Avoid overselling with live inventory updates and reservations. Manage all your products across sales channels in one place with real-time data.

Save time and avoid mistakes

Automate functions within your workflow. All the necessary information you need to fulfill ecommerce orders is automatically uploaded and stored inside of Paragon. Make bulk edits to your product catalog in seconds.

Increase customer satisfaction

Keep customers informed with accessible order tracking information. Know exactly how much inventory you have available to sell across storefronts, and handle returns quickly inside Paragon or directly on ecommerce platforms.

Scale seamlessly

Paragon’s ecommerce integrations are designed to grow with you. Manage sales from multiple online marketplaces across regions and currencies and decide what information is shared across channels.


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Can I have multiple ecommerce storefronts?

Yes! Manage all of your ecommerce storefronts, inventory, orders, and more in Paragon. Unlike other solutions, Paragon doesn’t double up your product list if you have multiple Shopify stores, instead it recognizes which products have the same SKU and groups Shopify titles, descriptions and other attributes into one product.

Can my transactions auto-complete, if so, which ones?

Paragon autocompletes orders, invoices, payments and 3PL shipments as they pass through the system. Add on Shopify and Adobe Commerce integrations for more automation.

What integrations can I connect to?

Paragon integrates to Shopify, Adobe Commerce, Quickbooks, and more! Check out our integrations page to learn more.

How do I set up these integrations?

Inside the system settings in Paragon you can decide which integrations to connect to. You also have full control over what data is imported/exported.

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