QuickBooks Online

Manage your operations with the same ease that QuickBooks Online manages your accounting transactions.
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Centralize your data across the platforms you are already using

Your accounting stays where you know it works best
The accounting side of your operations all stay in QuickBooks Online- but you now have a full-featured system to manage your operational side.
Benefit from totally connected systems
Centralize your data in one place so you can easily perform all your business operations with quotes, orders, inventory management, procurement, manufacturing with a detailed bill of materials, multi-location inventory, pick/pack/ship logistics and reporting.
Let Paragon do the heavy lifting
Paragon imports all of your QuickBooks Online products, customers and vendors automatically so you're up and running in no time.
Seamlessly connect customer data
Create and sync customers between systems, giving you uninterrupted processing of orders. Customer invoices and credits are created in Paragon and can be exported to QuickBooks Online for sharing with customers and collection efforts.
And work the same magic with vendors, too
Paragon imports vendor bills and credits from QuickBooks Online, tracking vendor activity for the purchasing process. Paragon manages inventory with purchase orders and multiple inventory locations with shipping and receiving transactions.
Take your reporting to the next level
Paragon’s flexible operational reporting gives deep insight into your business performance with the same ease as QuickBooks online financial reporting.

The better way to run your business